Assalamualaikum & hello. Welcome here! This is my blog. I'm known as Khalysa Boo. I'm eighteen year old. Johor Bahru. I'm fun-loving. Enjoy reading my blog pretty!!
Dengan lafaz Bismillahirahmanirahim..
'' Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, Kami mendoakan semoga Nur Khaliesah berjaya dalam kehidupannya pada tahun ini. Amin ya Rabbal'alamin ~ ''


When you are hurt, do not cry on the shoulders of others, but cry in sujood.
People kan tell you this and that to comfort you, but no words can ever comfort you like how the Words of Allah Azza Wa Jall in the Quran can.

People can lie to you to comfort you, but Allah hold every truth.
You feels the pain, because Allah sends out Mercy for you.

Behind every tear is a comfort, a Rahman for him.